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Product Activation

Activation is a mechanism which allow InterVideo product users to change any FREE trial software to a permanent one after they purchase.

InterVideo Home Theater 2

Activation Sequences
DVD Copy 4
DVD Copy 5

Activation Sequences
Instant Movie Maker

Activation Sequences

Activation Sequences
MediaOne Gallery

Activation Sequences
WinDVD Creator

Activation Sequences
Disc Master 2
InterVideo Home Theater
InterVideo DVD Copy 3
InterVideo DVD Copy 2
InterVideo PhotoAlbum
WinDVD 8
WinDVD 7
WinDVD 6
WinDVD 5
WinDVD Platinum
WinDVD 4
WinDVD Creator Plus
WinDVD 5 Recorder
WinDVD Media Center
WinDVR 3
Audio Booster Pack
DVD-Audio Pack
Mobile Technology Pack

Activation Sequences
XPack Activation Sequences

Internet Explorer Activation Sequences
Non-Internet Explorer Activation Sequences

InterVideo allows users to download the trial version to evaluate before purchasing. Users can download the trial version from our website or any other legitimate partner. The trial version is a fully functional product with a time limitation. If you enjoy using this product and wish to pay for a full version all you have to do is come to our website to purchase. First the user downloads the trial version and then the user comes to our site to purchase the product. Through the program the user links to our site to receive a small program to activate their trial version to a full version. This entire process is called Activation and that small program is called the Activation Key.

The Activation Key is an executable (*.exe) file. After executing this *.exe file, the purchased software will become a full version. The process of activation differs depending on your browser.

For users using a non-Internet explorer (e.g. Netscape, Opera...etc.) browser the activation key will be downloaded. Internet Explorer users will be able to activate the product with a single click. The step-by-step process is as follows:

NOTE:WinRip users will need to go to HELP in the application and select PURCHASE UPGRADE to link to our site.



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